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Developing Your Resume
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Five resume no no's

Purpose of Your Resume Your resume is a document that outlines your experiences—professional, academic, extracurricular —and the skills you have acquired as a result.

Tips for Writing Your Resume Convey your overall competence through content. Be attentive to detail. Proofread carefully to ensure correct spelling and grammar. Use present tense for current activities and employment. Use past tense for activities and employment not presently held. Phrases, rather than complete sentences, are generally most effective. Use a variety of action verbs to bring your skills and experiences to life.

Avoid using each verb or adjective more than once. Spell out all acronyms the first time they are used, followed by the acronym in parentheses.

Thereafter, in the same document you may use the acronym alone. Print your resume on paper of good quality. If you are including a cover letter, it should be printed on the same type of paper as your resume. Enhanced interpersonal skills Bullet plus: Enhanced interpersonal skills by facilitating cross-cultural conversations with Malawian teens and community members.

Created real interest monitoring tool Bullet plus: List 3 skills you want to highlight e. What are experiences that demonstrate each skill think broadly: What did you do in each of the experiences? How did you use the skill? Sample Resumes Here are a few sample resumes from real UM students names changed, of course! Focus first on the content of your resume. Think of creative projects you have done as a volunteer, organization member, employee, or intern. Relevant experience does not have to be paid experience.

Let the employer know you have demonstrated your talents and honed your skills. The resumes on the following pages offer examples of ways to highlight accomplishments and diverse abilities. If you are interested in learning how you might add an appropriate touch of creativity to your resume, talk with professionals in your targeted field or meet with your career consultant in the UA Career Center.

You may also refer to page 37 for information about portfolios. Promoting creativity through a portfolio is recommended by employers who caution that creative resumes can backfire.

If the organization receives hundreds of resumes for each position, you might go with a design that will stand out positively from the rest. Examples of creative resumes are available on numerous websites including Pinterest www. The curriculum vitae also referred to as a CV or vita is a comprehensive biographical statement, typically three or more pages, emphasizing professional qualifications and activities.

Below are tips to help you begin preparing your document. The CV is a detailed and structured listing of education, publications, projects, awards, and work history. This document works best for job seekers applying for positions in academics or research. The CV is far more detailed typically or more pages than a resume pages. A resume is a shorter, concise document that highlights aspects of your background that relate to the position for which you are applying.

Unless the prospective employer specifically requests a CV, it is safest to send a resume. Home Develop Resume Development. Your resume may be the most important marketing tool in your job search. Generate a list of everything you have done or earned in college relating to jobs, campus activities, class projects, travel abroad, sports, volunteer activities, awards, honors, foreign languages, computer skills, and so on.

List as many details you can recall, including dates. The content of your resume will help you determine appropriate categories. The following headings may help you brainstorm ways to organize your experiences and qualifications: When listing experiences e. A list of action verbs is included in this guide. Employers scan resumes quickly, and the sooner they see how you might fit their needs, the better your chances of avoiding elimination.

Organize your sections according to relevance to the target job. If you have relevant experience co-op, internship, part-time job, or an activity that directly relates to the target job , list that above experience that is not directly relevant.

Experiences listed in each section should be presented in reverse chronological order. Learn the key words associated with your target industry and incorporate them appropriately into your resume. Be sure to project an accurate reflection of your skill level and knowledge.

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Below are a few resources that can help you improve your resume: Schedule an appointment to meet with the University Career Center's Peer Advisors or Career Coaches to talk about how you plan to use your resume, and how to connect with organizations of interest!.

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Want Help? Health Professions Advising. Purpose of Your Resume. Your resume is a document that outlines your experiences—professional, academic, extracurricular —and the skills you have acquired as a result. The Career Center provides opportunities to have your resume reviewed.

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Resume and Letter Writing Producing a good resume and a well written cover letter is a basic requirement for a successful job search. The Career Center is here to assist you with this important task by providing the following resources. Let the Career Center help you connect the dots between your interests and your future through major exploration, resume writing, job shadowing, professional school preparation, and more! Are you a graduate student?

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From career assessments to career and graduate school preparation, the Stuckert Career Center is here to help students explore, experience and excel. Handshake is a one-stop shop for students, alumni, and employers. Bring a printed draft of your resume or cover letter with you. Schedule an appointment with your career advisor using Hire-A-Redbird. Get free resume paper - Print your resume for free in the Career Center Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m. - p.m.