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How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume (with Examples)

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❶This is a very important job in the healthcare profession.

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Resume Tips for Medical Assistant
What do Medical Assistants do?
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Meticulous, dedicated and highly disciplined Medical Assistant with a strong heart and caring values for patients is desirous of building a long term career with a reputable medical center. Medical Assistant, — Dr. Now that you are a certified medical assistant, the next thing you need to do is too look for a job that will enable you to practice the knowledge and skills you have acquired in school.

After submitting your resume to your prospective employers, you have to wait eagerly for an interview schedule. While you are doing so, it is best if prepare yourself fully with the help of the following tips:.

As a medical assistant, you serve as an additional pair of eyes for the doctor. As such, you need to be familiar with warning signs and symptoms that correspond to a medical emergency. So before you attend an interview, make sure to read up on the basics of CPR, first aid, anatomy and physiology, to name a few.

While not all employers ask about this, it pays to be prepared because you will never when such knowledge will come in handy. New medical technologies and practices are being developed every day.

It is best if you read about these novel advancements through journals or websites. If you have sent your Medical Assistant resume template to a modern healthcare facility, basic knowledge of new technologies and practices will keep you ahead of the pack. While you are waiting for a favorable response regarding your medical assistant CV example, make the most out of your time by simulating the interview portion with a family member or a friend. Here are some questions you can prepare for:.

If you want to make a good impression with your future employer, it is a must that you attend the interview in professional-looking clothes. Female applicants should wear a suit with a coordinated blouse and conservative shoes. The hairstyle should be neat and professional-looking; jewelries worn should be kept at a minimum. As for male applicants, the industry standard is a suit with a long-sleeved shirt and tie.

Footwear should be conservative-looking and should be paired with dark-colored socks. Jewelry should be limited as well. The early bird catches the worm — and this holds true, especially during a job interview.

This is specifically important if you are not familiar with the block or the building. Arriving minutes before the scheduled time can help you prepare and condition your mind for the challenge that lies ahead. The interviewer has invested a good amount of time to talk to you. The least thing you can do is send him a thank you note to show your appreciation for the opportunity he has given you.

A college degree is not a requirement to become a Medical Assistant. Most companies would accept a high school diploma, a GED score or certification attesting to your completion of a medical assistant course. Thus having a college or associate degree especially in a related field will play to your advantage. In our Medical Assistant resume examples, we placed great emphasis on educational attainment plus other trainings and certifications that were received to prepare for a career as a Medical Assistant.

You will also notice that the work experience is written using the reverse- chronology format which means starting with the latest or current employment then working back. These types of entries may only serve to distract the Hiring Manager. Be as detailed as possible in your description of responsibilities. Companies are looking for talent with varied skill sets. A Medical Assistant may be required to handle administrative, clerical or clinical tasks.

The more diverse skill sets you exhibit the greater becomes your value to the employer. You will be tasked to manage patient records and it is very important to keep these updated accurately.

For doctors, you have to be sure you have the medical history properly encoded. Not only will patient records be a reference for prescriptions and future diagnosis but it will also be used for filing insurance claims. The Medical Assistant resume objective, emphasize valuable soft skills that are relevant for handling administrative and clerical duties.

Examples would be meticulous, dedicated, disciplined, patient and organized. In this type of profession, it is also important to show empathy. You may find yourself frequently dealing with patients and interactions can be emotionally charged should there be discrepancies. It is important to highlight attributes that define your ability to work with people. Considering that as a Medical Assistant, your scope of work and responsibilities may cover administrative, clerical and clinical duties, you should indicate all the relevant trainings, certifications, apprentice programs, seminars that support your proficiency and level of competence.

You should also include soft skills or personal attributes that tell prospective employers you have the right disposition and attitude for the job. Any relevant certifications should be highlighted near the top of your resume as they will immediately qualify or disqualify you from the position. This preference by employers also means that certification will greatly improve your chances of getting hired and make your resume much more competitive.

Most organizations require applicants to pass an exam and graduate from an accredited program. However, some organizations, such as AMT, allow students to sit for the RMA examination without a degree or diploma from an accredited institution if they have already gained extensive work experience as a full-time medical assistant; you can find out more here.

As for other certifications, consider including specific ones that are particularly relevant to the job posting or position you are applying for. For clinical medical assistants, taking blood samples is a central job function, so any phlebotomy certification CPT or RPT should be highlighted. The idea is not to just show that you can and have done the day-to-day tasks, but to demonstrate a high level of ability that separates you from the pack.

Always remember that a potential employer is not reading your resume to see what you can do, but rather to see what you can do for them. Similarly, it is important that you use specifics wherever possible, to give potential employers a better idea of your capacity. As a general rule, you want to describe your past work experience using action verbs to paint a clearer picture of what exactly you did or currently do. Not only is it more descriptive for your potential employer, but it also gives you a chance to market yourself a little bit more.

Use this section to highlight any specific skills or intangibles that might be particularly useful for the role. For example, some of the more intangible skills medical assistants need to have include: You may not want to list all of these skills on your resume; remember that you want to give your potential employer a clear idea of your best qualifications, not an exhaustive list of everything you can do.

However, you might keep these skills in mind for the interview stage of the hiring process. You can also get more information on writing a skills section here.

Follow the tips above to craft a top-class medical assistant resume and stand out in a competitive job field. Questions or comments about creating an attention-grabbing medical assistant resume?

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Jun 07,  · Medical Assistant Advice. Want a career as a medical assistant? These resume examples will help you create the perfect resume. From helping doctors with exams to updating medical records, our samples highlight what medical assistants do each day. Check out the examples below/5(3).

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View the sample resume for a medical assistant below, and download the medical assistant resume template in Word. Jobs for medical assistants are projected to grow by 29% (or , jobs) from through , which is much faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Medical Assistant Resume (Text Format) Attentive and detail-oriented medical assistant with over 5 years experience. An AAMA Certified Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) since , I have experience in both administrative and clinical duties and a true passion for helping people in the health profession. 16 Free Medical Assistant Resume Templates Editable and printable MS Word Medical Assistant Resumes with unique design and content There is an increasing demand for medical assistants in the coming years due to aging of the population and advances in medical technology.

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How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume (with Examples) by Kate Lopaze. Written by Kate Lopaze. they help keep a medical practice humming along. If you are considering this rewarding field or are already in it, looking to move up, we have some sample resumes to help you boost your own. Medical Assistant - Bennett Frost Personnel Services, Inc. Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Clovis, CA - Peachwoood Medical Group Medical Assistant Float position to .