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Functional Resume

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Writing a functional resume
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Clearly and concisely explain what you offer and what you seek. Focus on specific industries or lines of business but avoid listing job titles. This section should support why you would be ideal for the objective. In bulleted form, emphasize your strengths such as key skills, capabilities, community service, and personality traits.

If you are looking for a career in a field that you do not have specific qualifications in, highlight some transferable and marketable skills that you do have. You may opt to leave off the dates if the experience took place more than 10 years ago. Then list additional degrees or coursework. Your date of graduation is optional.

Include any special honors you received. If you speak multiple languages, include that information here. The goal is to draw attention away from these perceived problems and show the reader that you have the skills they need.

Because every HR Manager and every recruiter has seen thousands of these things and they know exactly why the functional structure is being used. I had the exact same reaction every time that I saw one: There is almost always a better way than a functional resume structure. See our article on making a successful career change for more ideas. If you have a challenging situation and are concerned about presenting your skills in the best light, study our resume samples.

Go to the library and review the resume samples in other books. Above all, be creative. Find any way to present your skills other than a functional resume. To get more tips like these, and learn how to completely transform your resume, sign up for my free resume writing course. We promise never to send sales spam. She has contributed to many online publications including About.

Functional Resume vs. Other Formats

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If you have periods of unemployment, you must explain those gaps on your resume. The ultimate goal of a functional resume is to make the hiring manager think your work experience is as “normal” as possible. Don’t worry — most people don’t have perfect work experience records, so you’re not at a .

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One way around these issues is to use an alternative format: a functional (or skills-based) resume. The idea is to group your skills together under themes rather than present a chronological work history, said Mary Ellen Slayter, a career expert for

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Functional Resume Example A Functional resume presents the work experience in categories such as Administration, Team Leadership, Business Development. The Functional resume format emphasizes the strengths of this resume – the relevant experience and successes – and downplays its weakness. THE FUNCTIONAL RESUME Many career coaches recommend something called a functional resume - especially for those changing careers. I disagree - here's why. In a traditional resume, you place most of the emphasis on your career chronology.

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Functional resume how-tos Functional resumes rely on strategically grouping key skills into different categories to demonstrate a candidate's qualifications and expertise for a particular job. This skills-based focus allows you to emphasize your strengths and soft-pedal a flawed or absent employment record. May 15,  · Consider whether a functional resume will improve your chances of getting an interview, and thereby a job. A functional resume is any that emphasizes 84%().