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❶Add some code to your program to make it respond to key presses…. All writers working on Geography essays are specially trained to write excellent essays.

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You are able to analyze different perspectives while also being aware of your own thinking self-reflexive. Organization means that your essay is well structured. You have a title, an introduction that presents your main idea s , a main body with several paragraphs, which develops those ideas, and a conclusion. You also need to have your bibliography or reference section at the end of the essay. Make sure to have smooth transitions so that your essay ideas flow from one paragraph to another.

In organization, we will also pay attention to grammar and spelling. Try to write clearly. The reader should be able to read the first and last sentence of each paragraph and see where your essay is going. Then, the middle sentences in each paragraph flesh-out the argument. Think about this as you write. The theme of our textbook include Chapter2: Language and Religion; Chapter8: You must indicate which topic is related, include the chapter number!

For the news article you have chosen, write and submit a summary of the article. Your submission MUST include: Your one paragraph summary must include explicit mention of the course theme and textbook chapter number that the news story links to. The summary should provide an objective account of the event that is featured in the article, and should describe the wider context and significance of the event.

Please do this work twice for me. Each summary should be about one page. The theme of our textbook can be the same and can be different. Create a website or blog at WordPress.

Solar System Part II. In this practical session we are going to extend the Solar System sketch that we created last time to include more planets and some interactive features! Update your program so that it includes not only the earth, but also the other four planets closest to the sun Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

In order to do this, you will have to convert the name, image, radius, distance and speed variables from the last practical into Arrays. In the setup function, fill these arrays with appropriate values. Use the following values for speed of orbit: Search the internet and find out the correct radii and distances from the Sun of all the planets.

Enter these values into your arrays when your program starts up in the setup function. Add code to the draw function so that it shows animated orbiting versions of all planets including their name labels! Add some code to your program to make it respond to key presses…. When the user presses the — key, make the solar system zoom out planets get smaller and distances from the planet to the centre of the solar system get smaller.

One way to do this is to add a new variable to hold the scaling factor and use this to adjust all drawing and translations. Add some code to your program to make it respond to mouse movement…. When the user drags the mouse to the right, make the animation speed up the further they drag, the faster the speed-up. When the user drags the mouse to the left, make the animation slow down the further they drag, the bigger the slow-down. You might want to include mousePressed, mouseMoved and mouseDragged functions.

Think about how you would add a moon orbiting the earth. Give it a go if you think you can handle it!!! Add the remaining planets in our solar system to your program. Make sure you use appropriate radii, distances and orbit speeds. Academic Paper , Essay , Geography Tagged: Custom essay writing , custom papers , custom research paper , custom research papers , custom writing , custom writing service , custom writing services , Research paper , Research paper help , Research papers , Research Project , research writing.

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Order now and let the best professionals shed light on your Geography paper writing! Geography papers writings help Geography studies the Earth, its population, lands, and human-Earth relationships.

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Writing a geography paper can get difficult for someone who does not like the subject. But, even for the one who loves the subject, when it comes to writing a best geography paper, there are certain ground rules that should be followed.

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