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Facebook Essay Sample

Facebook Essay Sample

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The individuals also blame each other for being unfaithful through by accessing the information that they share with the others.

Most of the people especially the young people are not able to balance the time that they spend on these sites and on the other activities. Many of the employers are complaining of their employees not producing the best or as expected as they spend most of the time chatting or sharing ideas with their online friends.

This is found to be one of the factors causing the financial instability in the society as many of the people do not concentrate on the economic activities. The learning institutions are also not left out especially the colleges and other higher learning institutions.

The performance of these institutions are declining since the students spend most of their time on these social networking thus they have no time for their assignments and studies. These students are forced to either dump the assignment or examination tests if they are not well prepared or have not revised.

After they are through with tthe training they are not able to maintain a good relationship with their employers since they do not concentrate in their workplaces or may not have acquired enough skills to perform their duties as expected Sonvilla-Weiss, p. The more time the individuals spend on the social networking sites, the huge the content of their privacy they expose to the public as they post their ideas, feelings and interests online.

The society seems to be becoming more open without any privacy thus some people are becoming unappreciated in the societies when the personalities discovered of them are unexpected. This is also affecting the social relationships between the casual friends, children and the adults or parents because some of the information exposed shows the individuals to be lacking good moral behavior especially if the information they share is more intimate thus their parents or friends are likely to mistake them.

This site is seen as a face value of the society we live in although a times it communicate false information Gutwirth, p. The cultures of the societies are highly changing due to the influence of the Facebook. This is because people are forced to change and adapt the styles of living acquired from the information that they share with the rest of the people from across the world.

Some of these cultures for instance the language change is not acceptable in most of the communities. For example, the language used by the children to address the adults in certain communities may not be accepted in others and are likely to cause disagreements. This is reflected by the gap between the older and the young generations in the societies since the older people consider the young ones to be misled by the current events in the society thus are reluctant to interact with them Matthew, p.

The social networking is considered to be having effects to all the life factors including political, social and economic. By interacting with the others the local leaders have an opportunity to share and copy the leadership styles which may or may not be accepted in the societies although a times they have positive impacts.

It also have both negative and positive impacts in the economic sector since people wastes a lot of time on them than they do on the economic boosting activities. They may also provide ideas on new activities of economic development through sharing with the others. Conclusion Facebook is a social networking site which is the most popular and widely used to connect across the world. It has both negative and positive impacts to the society through influencing all the life aspects like political, social and economic.

The leaders have an opportunity to share with the other leaders across the world thus they improve their leadership skills. Although some of the people waste a lot of time on the sites other than carrying out the economic activities, sometime they benefit by acquiring new ideas on economic activities.

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