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2018 Guide to the Best Online Doctoral Programs

Ranking the Most Affordable Online DBA Programs / Online Ph.D. Business Programs

❶This program is a more expensive program and the exception to the above-mentioned tuition.

The Best Online PhD Programs

What is a Doctoral Degree?
All the PhD Online Programs for You
2. American College of Education

Participants into their cheapest PhD online programs can look forward a bright future in business admin because this school offers only topnotch learning methods and updated curriculum to their enrollees.

A traditional university that offers cheap PhD programs to professionals aiming to grow and become significant in audiology, education, nursing and philosophy. Another school not to miss, the University of Minnesota is one venue where cheap PhD online programs are offered.

They offer various PhD programs for health and nursing, so visit their website if you are interested to pursue these career directions. Find the perfect program for you today with our help! Wanna have a good job later on? Worst uni I have ever visited. I mean, look at their accommodation! Thank you for this article, I found I could do my PhD online, which is even better. University of Minnesota really caught my eye! I think it might be a good option for those doing nursing, gonna check it out in details.

University of Maryland looks really nice, love it! And they have relevant cheap online Phd, should probably consider it. I really like how does Capella University looks like, a little bit like Hogwarts.

Both of these universities have cheapest online doctorate programs. The program is constructed with busy, full-time nurses in mind and is eight semesters long.

The program also prepares graduate students to become nurse educators. In addition to the online coursework, students have to attend a mandatory on-campus annual graduate intensive prior to each fall semester. The student must also have a resident nurse license in the state of Georgia before matriculating. Non-asynchronous courses utilize Adobe Connect on Tuesdays while other courses meet asynchronously. Once the clinical courses start, students must come to campus on specific Tuesdays up to three times in a semester.

If a student wishes to obtain a certificate in a cognate area, the students must apply to the program in which the certificate is housed and take all the courses in the certificate program.

Another public institution in our top 20, Governors State University is located in University Park, Illinois on acres. It was founded in The Doctor of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership is an interdisciplinary degree program that seeks to train scholars who can deal with real-world problems and issues with a sophisticated grasp of issues. Program requirements include continuous enrollment with a mandatory six credit hour minimum per semester, a seven-year time limit with the possibility of extensions, qualifying exams, candidacy, and a capstone project.

The program concentrates on leadership for educators, counselors, social service providers, not-for-profit managers, and public servants. Graduates are trained in organizational and social reform-oriented leadership, ethical practices, strategic planning, budgeting and finance, fundraising, globalization, environmental stability, community relations and social marketing, and in the design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative research.

The capstone project brings together the skills gained by the student and involves planning, implementation, completion, and oral defense of a comprehensive practicum project.

Old Dominion University is a public institution that was founded in The university is located in Norfolk, Virginia on acres. All three programs are 60 credit hours long with mandatory core courses that are taken depending on which specialty the graduate takes. The Nursing program has two concentrations: Nurse Executive and Advanced Practice. The Nurse Executive emphasis focuses on training leaders in the nursing field at the executive level. Further, students must travel to the campus once a semester for a weekend of advising and experiential activities.

The Advanced Practice program seeks to train practicing nurses in advanced skills to be nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse anesthetists. The program is 36 credit hours long and has similar weekend requirements as the Executive program.

The program is 54 credit hours long. News and World Report ranks Old Dominion University at among national universities, among top public institutions in the nation, 61 for best online graduate nursing programs nationally, and 77 for best online graduate education programs nationally. Idaho State University if a public institution which was founded in and is located in Pocatello, Idaho. The university offers two types of doctorates in the field of education.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Design prepares students to become leaders in instructional design, research, measurement, or evaluation. Graduates are trained to work in positions to direct instructional design, research, measurement, or evaluation projects as faculty at colleges and universities, in private or public schools, or as consultants.

The program is built around a cohort model which students follow throughout their program. The program is fifty-two credit hours long which are offered fully online. While research is at the core of the program, the courses are meant to train students in real world application, giving them practical training in the field. The Doctor of Education in Education Administration has a K emphasis or a higher education emphasis.

The program is taught through a combination of online supported courses and video-conferencing. The K emphasis is 61 credit hours long while the emphasis in higher education is 64 credit hours long. At the core of the program is a deepening understanding of leadership theory and practice in order to further train leaders who already have substantial knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience in the field.

Once students finish the program, they are trained to utilize their knowledge, dispositions, and skills as leaders, scholars, and researchers in their varied leadership settings.

Indiana University provides another affordable state school for our top 50 online PhD programs. Indiana University was founded in and is located in Bloomington, Indiana on 1, acres in the middle of a wooded town.

The Literacy, Culture, and Language Education doctorate is also 60 credit hours long. During the course of one spring semester, students must attend one on campus conference. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program is unique in that it is the only graduate organizational and systems leadership program that trains nurses to be big thinkers who want to rebuild healthcare and healthcare education.

The Occupational Therapy doctorate is 30 credit hours over three semesters ending in a summer session. Students must be on campus for one-day meetings at the beginning and ending of every semester.

News and World Report ranks Indiana University at 86 nationally and 36 among top public schools nationally. Further, they rank the university at 22 for best online graduate education programs nationally and 32 among best education schools nationally. Indiana University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Founded in , the University of South Carolina is a public institution located in Columbia, South Carolina on acres. University of South Carolina provides two doctorates in the field of education.

Both are a Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with one having an emphasis in Curriculum Studies and the other having an emphasis in Educational Technology. The emphases attempt to train leaders as professional educators at both the K and high education institution. Concentrating on curricular administration including ethics and morals, culture and leadership, and curriculum design and implementation, the online Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction emphasizing the roles of graduates to be those including professors, district-level curriculum administrators, and school-level instructors.

The program lasts approximately 36 months and consists of 60 credit hours. Emphasizing educational technology, the online Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction trains graduate students to be leaders in an educational environment that is constantly evolving in terms of the technology available. Intending to train leaders who can meet the technological demands of current educational institutions, graduates are trained in practical, project-based emphasis on design, development, implementation, evaluation, and research in educational technology.

News and World Report ranks the University of South Carolina at nationally and 49 among the top public schools in the nation. They also rank the university at 40 in best online graduate education programs nationally and 93 for best education schools nationally. A public institution founded in , West Virginia University is located in Morgantown, West Virginia on 2, acres. A research degree, The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing trains leaders for teaching, research, the clinical environment, and as senior nursing administrators.

News and World Report ranks the University of Virginia at nationally and 99 among public schools. The university is also ranked at for best online graduate education programs nationally and 61 for best online graduate nursing programs nationally. West Virginia University is accredited by the Higher Learning commission. Oregon State University is a public institution that was founded in and is located in Corvallis, Oregon on acres.

Oregon State University provides an online doctorate in Counseling. The program is a hybrid program with both face-to-face and online instruction for every course. Face-to-face classes happen twice each quarter on a Friday and Saturday in Wilsonville, Oregon. The curriculum includes topics such as supervision, advanced theory and practice, assessment, career counseling, consultation, group counseling, diversity and social justice, and counselor education. Cohort composition is determined based on application strength, interview performance, and program resources.

Classes include synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Using Adobe Connect, students meet with one another once a week at a preassigned time. Further, the program uses Canvas for readings, discussion forums, and quizzes.

Internships in the program are completed where the student lives. Many students are already engaged in counseling, so their current work site is where their internship takes place. News and World Report ranks Oregon State University at among national universities, 71 nationally among public schools, and among Psychology programs in the nation.

Regent University is a private, Christian university whose name was changed to Regent University in Founded by Pat Robertson in , Regent is both a traditional, on-campus university as well as a university that offers a variety of online programs.

The Doctor of Ministry program has a number of concentrations for students to pick from. The program has three concentrations including Clinical, Research, and Education and Supervision. The program specifically states that they hope to train Christian scholars and leaders in the field of psychological counseling.

Kansas State University is a public institution founded in and located in Manhattan, Kansas on acres. The program is delivered in a hybrid format allowing students to take courses online during the fall and spring semesters and intensive day courses in the summer on campus.

Students participate in three consecutive summer residencies on the Kansas State University campus in order to build connections with peers and faculty. For the final summer session, students travel abroad and study how global markets work and how they affect financial planning in the U.

The program is 90 credit hours long. Students who finish the program are prepared to take part in careers such as registered financial consultant, registered financial associate, certified retirement counselor, and accredited financial counselor. Students go through the program as a cohort in order to build connections with peers. The doctorate can be pursued on a full-time or a part-time basis. News and World Report ranks Kansas State University at among national universities and 64 among top public schools in the nation.

The University of Northern Colorado is a public institution that was founded in and is located in Greeley, Colorado on acres. The Doctorate in Education that specializes in Teaching or, as the university website calls it, Innovation and Education Reform Emphasis, is a credit hour program that is meant to last for four years. The delivery options include visits to a few sites as well as online courses. Students are trained to take on leadership roles in school districts, become university faculty, work as a consultant for state and federal agencies, plan curriculum at the district level, or assume leadership roles at non-profit and private schools.

It is an entirely online program. The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership is a two to two-and-a-half-year degree that is between 42 and 64 credit hours long.

This program is also a hybrid program with some face-to-face work along with online classes. This program is meant for scholars in an academic setting or leaders in health care organizations. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program has three paths: It, too, is a hybrid program. News and World Report ranks the University of Northern Colorado at nationally for online graduate education programs. The University of Iowa provides a set of unique online doctorates, finding a niche market in one that is flooded with online education and degrees in other areas.

A hybrid program, the Doctor of Philosophy in Apparel, Merchandizing, and Design requires students to attend two short three week on-campus summer course sessions. The rest of the program is delivered through distance technologies.

Also a hybrid program, the Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality Management distance degree requires students to attend two consecutive three-week summer sessions. Courses during the fall and spring semesters are delivered through an online format. News and World Report ranks the University of Iowa at nationally and 51 among the top public schools in the nation.

A public institution founded in , Easter Tennessee State University is located in Johnson city, Tennessee on acres. The school of Nursing offers four concentrations for their Doctor of Nursing Practice program: The program in Global Sport Leadership does not have a dissertation and is meant to train students to excel as sports executives and dynamic academic faculty.

Aiming at training nurse practitioners who wish to advance their skills to the highest level, the Doctor of Nursing Practice programs provide students various concentrations in which they can participate as well as 40 practicum hours in interprofessional experience.

News and World Report ranks East Tennessee State at 61 among the best online graduate nursing programs in the nation, at for best education schools in the nation, and at 81 for best Doctor of Nursing Practice programs in the nation. Johnson University was founded in and is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Johnson University provides an online Doctorate in Leadership Studies. The doctorate in Leadership Studies is designed to cover four dimensions of leadership: The program has four different concentrations: The Educational Leadership concentration focuses on issues surrounding policy and practice unique to educational settings.

The Organizational Leadership concentration examines for-profit and non-profit leadership contexts. Philosophy and Theology of Leadership concentrates on various forms of theoretical implications for leadership. The last is Missional Leadership which is done in partnership with Forge America. Morehead State University is a public institution that was founded in and is located in Morehead, Kentucky on 1, acres. Morehead State University provides an online Doctor of Education.

The program contains three main tracks: The P track allows leaders to remain in their current jobs while conducting research to improve student achievement in their schools. The Educational Technology Leadership trains leaders to support colleagues through instructional design, curriculum development, and educational technology implantation and integration.

All three concentrations are 60 credit hours in length. Students who complete the Doctor of Education program go on to find jobs as principal, director of pupil personnel, instructional supervisor, superintendent, writer of education curriculum, professional development, as a member of a team in educational software companies, distance learning coordinator, and working with adults in a variety of capacities in high education.

There are a number of emphases that the student can concentrate on in the program including Highly Skilled Educator, District Technology Coordinator, Research, School Library Media Specialist, Assessment coordinator, Leadership for Technologies, and many more. News and World Report ranks Morehead State University at 72 among regional universities in the south and 24 among top public schools in the nation.

A not-for-profit institution, Liberty University has been doing online education since It is located in Lynchburg, Virginia on 7, acres. In terms of size, it is the largest private online university in the nation. The Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision is 66 credit hours long. The Doctor of Ministry degree is 33 credit hours long. The Doctor of Worship Studies is 45 credit hours long.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice is 41 credit hours long. Each program has a number of specializations. The Business programs has concentrations in accounting, finance, healthcare management, human resources, information systems, international business, leadership, marketing, non-profit management, project management, strategic management, and supply chain management and logistics.

Doctor of Ministry students can specialize in discipleship, evangelism and church planting, expository preaching, pastoral counseling, pastoral leadership, or worship. Wilmington University is a private, non-profit institution located in New Castle, Delaware. The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree trains nurses in advanced clinical and leadership skills. The nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

The program is 57 credit hours long. Students take part in a field component which consists of six credit hours and clinical hours in the field. The program is an institutional member of and fully accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education. The curriculum concentrates on six areas through the course work including Oral Communication, Written Communication, Disciplined Inquiry, Information Literacy, Ethics, and Professional.

The program is 54 credit hours with 21 credit hours in common core courses, 24 credit hours in program core courses, and 9 credit hours in the dissertation or research project. A multidisciplinary doctorate, the program focuses attention on practical education problems through research in diverse contexts.

The university website notes that the uniqueness of the program lies, not in the Curriculum and Instruction, which is common among doctorates, but the inclusion and integration of the Science of Learning. Many of them are basic but important for functioning in the distance program. They also rank as 10 among online graduate education programs and 80 among education schools in the nation. A public university that was founded in , Wayne State University is located in Detroit, Michigan on acres.

The program is designed for licensed physical therapists from either the United States or Canada. Combining online distance learning and weekend formats that are intensive, the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy is a part-time program that has its core flexibility in the coursework as students can pick electives and map out specialties in their program. In-state tuition is available to all students who reside in either the United States or Canada. For licensed therapists who have completed their accredited physical therapy program, the program is meant to build on prior skillsets of the graduate student.

Therefore, the program is meant for already practicing physical therapists. The program trains students in the areas of differential diagnosis, physical assessment, diagnostic imaging, and scientific inquiry. Requiring a minimum of 24 credit hours, the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy degree has eight core courses for those already with a Master of Physical Therapy degree.

Students who do not possess a Master of Physical Therapy degree will be reviewed by the faculty for educational and professional qualifications, and an individual plan will be designed to meet the necessary requirements for the program. News and World Report ranks Wayne State University at for best physical therapy programs in the nation. A private institution founded in , Northeastern University is currently housed on a acre campus in Boston Massachusetts.

Receiving substantial grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, the researched centered campus also receives hefty grants from the Departments of Homeland Security, Energy, and Defense. Graduate students, as well as undergraduates, present projects in the annual Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo.

Students can also research in unique areas of concentration which are outside of the pre-approved topics. The university delivers the program in quarters rather than semesters. The American Physical Therapy Association predicts that by the year the clinical Doctor of Physical Therapy will become the terminal degree for the profession.

However, some doctoral-level psychologists also work in academia, research, counseling, or even healthcare administration. Regardless of the specific day-to-day tasks, the field of psychology continues to grow each year and doctoral level psychologists are the most desirable candidates in the field. But many students would not be able to earn this advanced credential without the flexibility of an online degree. Fortunately, more and more accredited colleges and universities are starting to offer hybrid — and in some cases even fully online — Ph.

Click here for high resolution badge. Furthermore, all colleges and universities listed here are regionally accredited and offer a PsyD or Ph. However, the APA has extremely stringent accreditation requirements and only approves a small percentage of programs. APA officials have been especially hesitant to accredit online programs.

We also awarded points to programs with other specialized accreditations or curricular guidelines. We primarily considered three accrediting agencies: However, we also awarded points to programs that are pursuing accreditation, have plans to pursue accreditation, or have another closely-related program with a specialized accreditation.

Next, we looked at accessibility. In other words, how much of the curriculum is available online? The program favors a philosophical rather than empirical approach to science, and most classes focus on theory over practice. Students earning their Ph. Of these, the most traditional track is in Behavioral Science and includes classes in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and learning and memory.

Another option allows you to focus specifically on the research process, while the third — called Consciousness and Creativity Studies — offers the most unconventional path. Average Cost per Credit: Website As its name suggests, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology dedicates all of its academic resources to programs in this one area of study.

This high level of commitment suggests that the school is uniquely qualified to train future practitioners in the psychological sciences. However, it does have an APA-accredited Ph. The latter degree features a credit curriculum with a strong emphasis on traditional topics in psychology, from research and statistics to behavioral development and pharmacology.

It also requires just three years of part-time study and only two brief on-campus residencies per year.

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