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What are the possessive pronouns in Spanish?

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❶The determiner in English is a grammatical form that expresses information about a noun or a verb in the form of a present participle such as definiteness and quantity that cannot be expressed by adjectives.

The Forms and Function of Determiners in English

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The second grammatical form of the determiner in English is the possessive determiner. Possessive determiners indicate possession of or some other relationship to the noun. The possessive determiners in English are my , your , his , her , its , our , and their and the interrogative possessive determiner whose.

The following italicized determiners are examples of possessive determiners:. Possessive determiners are also erroneously referred to as possessive adjectives and sometimes incorrectly categorized as possessive pronouns. The third grammatical form of the determiner in English is the demonstrative determiner. Demonstrative determiners provide additional information about the proximity of the noun to the speaker.

The four demonstrative determiners in English are this , these , that , and those. The proximal demonstrative determiners this and these refer to nouns perceived as close to the speaker. The distal demonstrative determiners that and those refer to nouns perceived as far from the speaker.

The following italicized determiners are examples of demonstrative determiners:. Note that demonstrative determiners and demonstrative pronouns are identical in form. The fourth grammatical form of the determiner in English is the interrogative determiner. Interrogative determiners are most often used in interrogative sentences to gather more information about the noun in question. The two interrogative determiners in English are what and which. The following italicized determiners are examples of interrogative determiners:.

Note that interrogative determiners and interrogative pronouns are also identical in form. The fifth grammatical form of the determiner in English is the numeral. Numerals are the cardinal numbers used for counting such as one , two , thirty , forty-five , and one hundred in English.

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Overview: Apostrophes are used to form contractions and possessives. They denote missing letters in contractions, and who possesses the object in possessives. Many possessives have homonyms, so it is important whether to know which word to use.

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can i pay someone to do a book report for me Homework Help With Possessives evaluation essay outline college application service. A pronoun is a word which is used in place on noun or nouns. The replaced noun is called the antecedent of the pronoun. Pronoun is used very often to avoid repetition of noun.