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Essay/Term paper: Domestic violence

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❶The government must ensure the safety and protection of assaulted women and their children.

Essay, term paper, research paper: Domestic Abuse

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Another reason that woman stay in an abusive relationship is that they are afraid to leave. Many batterers threaten the victims of bodily harm, and they will degrade them in public. Batterers also threaten to take their children from them, stating that they have proof of the victim being an unfit parent. Woman are also afraid that the abuser will also abuse the children if they leave.

This is why many of the domestic abuse cases are not reported, and why it is so widespread. Last, woman need to take advantage of the solutions in which are available today. Shelters for battered woman and their children are quite common. Woman can feel safe in these shelters, mostly due to the secretive locations. Also, hotlines are available for woman to call.

Trained specialists are available on the hotlines to listen, give advise and also to direct woman to the shelter nearest to them. Woman must also have a plan of their own. All important documents, such as school records and birth certificates should be kept in an easily accessible location. An extra set of car keys should also be handy at a moments notice. This way the victim has in her possession important items to help gain her Gult 3 gain their freedom back.

Unfortunately, many cases are unreported and the statistics are much higher than can be imagined. In conclusion, domestic violence affects millions and millions of woman in the United States. This problem is very widespread. The severity of this problem is over-. These fears conquer woman, and their ability to get out of the abusive relationship.

So many woman are afraid of what their abuser may do, such as hurting them again. Woman are also threatened by the abuser, that they will take the children from them. Hotlines and shelters are a key instrument in helping victims domestic violence. Next, woman must also take some responsibility on their own by making plans to leave. Also, woman must take the initiative to hide all important documents that will be needed to gain their freedom.

The statistics are phenomenal, especially when we recognize the 2 to 4 million woman who report domestic violence each year, with so many more cases not reported. Free essays on Domestic Abuse posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. The free Domestic Abuse research paper Domestic Violence essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

Gult 2 frightening fact that domestic abusers are always intimate with their victims, at one time or another. The severity of this problem is over- whelming due to the fear in which has been instilled in the victims of domestic abuse. The victim is often afraid to leave the abuser due to them feeling dependant on the abuser. There are many theories about the psychological causes of domestic violence, from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, stress, poor anger management, and an abusive childhood.

However, social conditions can and do encourage violence against women. Abusers usually have the following personality characteristics, either they were abused as children, they feel insecure, have poor verbal communication, have low self esteem, need to dominate, have a lack of assertiveness, or they have dependency needs.

If there are no negative consequences such as jail time and filing charges, then the message is that violence is acceptable.

Abusers have learned to be abusive by watching others in the family and society. Abusers have also found that it is an effective way of establishing or regaining control in the household. Society must help to stop domestic violence. The government must ensure the safety and protection of assaulted women and their children. The community should support and help women who want to leave abusive relationships.

Money should be put into shelters and counseling to better help with the victims of domestic violence. However, the real problem lies with how society raises its children. Society should rethink its attitude towards women and teach children what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to behavior. If education is not of great importance to our society to prevent future domestic violence then it will only be a bigger problem as time passes.

These same people usually depend on their partner for emotional support since they are usually lacking in emotional skills. The man goes out and makes the money to support the family while the woman stays home to cook, clean, and look after the kids. These people usually have trouble accepting responsibility for their abusive behavior.

The abuser usually feels guilt or shame for their actions but they try to deny it. It has also been found that many abusers share the same personality disorders such as lack of empathy, as well as depression. They tend to lack social skills and they let their work habits absorb them.

They tend to look at innocent situations as situations that are hostile. Those who abuse adult partners usually grow up in homes that had violence between adults, against children, or both.

However, this does not guarantee that one who is raised in an abusive home will be an abuser themselves. The sooner we can recognize these symptoms of domestic violence, the sooner we can prevent it from getting worse or even occurring at all. Some psychologists believe that teaching our children that violence is inappropriate and teaching them better methods of problem solving, is the first step in preventing domestic violence. A key component to teaching our children is to set a positive example and to educate our society as a whole.

Educating our society as a whole is a very important key to ending domestic violence. Educating our society as a whole is accomplished through changes in the way we practice things.

Having stricter laws and regulations is important since most abusers are given a slap on the wrist, and it usually does not teach them a lesson at all. All it does is give our society a message that domestic violence is not a major crime and that they can get away with it.

When communities can establish policies to arrest abusers, a message is sent from the police to the society that domestic violence is a crime that will and should not be taken lightly. When they join with counseling programs for abusers, the message will also be that those who want to change will be given a chance to. It has been agreed upon by those who try to put an end to domestic violence that not only the individual abusers need help.

These people also feel that we as a society also need help. Domestic violence is still allowed, even encouraged, by certain groups in our society. The media and entertainment industry does not pay enough attention to the seriousness of domestic violence. There are still police officers that will ignore domestic violence when it arises. Also there are judges that still give weak punishment or simply let the abusers off for domestic violence.

These are all problems that hurt our society and make it more difficult to put an end to domestic violence. The message is simply not strong enough for it to make a difference. The message that domestic violence is a crime is not strong enough. What kind of message are we sending if abusers who have multiple offenses, are simply given light sentences and released back into their homes the next day, so that they continue the abuse.

The effects of domestic violence on our society are almost impossible to measure. The amount of money that it costs our society also cannot be measured.

Abuse victims sometimes need medical care. Victims of abuse also may require mental health care due to distress. There is an enormous cost to the state in the form of law enforcement officers, courts, lawyers, public health workers and more when it comes to domestic violence.

There is also cost to social welfare organizations such as running shelters, counseling services, hotlines, and more. The educational system is required to provide specialized services to children that suffer from behavioral problems due to domestic violence. Now, you need to think about the fact that children that grow up in a house with domestic violence will more than likely require medical care for stress-related illnesses, as well as mental health care for anxiety and depression.

More than likely, these children will suffer in the workforce due to their pessimistic views and possibly low self-esteem, and when they have children they will more than likely continue the cycle of domestic violence.

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